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Abruzzi mountains

Earlier this year we moved the headquarters of Gyre Project to the Abruzzi mountains in the small town of Pettorano sul Gizio. Antony established his studio in a Palazzo, and a second room was secured for Nadine’s coming which occurred recently. The Gizio river used to power several mills, two of which have been put at our disposal for artistic purposes.

The Gizio surges out of the mountain only a few hundred meters away from the town. The town is blessed with dozens of fountains providing fresh water, which all have magic properties. The torrent like river runs thru the “mulini” area creating a cool corridor both soothing and energising.

Our current projects

Something new has come to life inspired by the surrounding wildlife. The Appenines is the last refuge of the Marsican brown bear, but also home to many wolf packs. In fact, we are developing a collaboration with Rewilding Appenines, a local branch of Rewilding Europe, an organisation which has been reintroducing key species into their former habitat, amongst other rewilding missions.


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