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La Bretagne - La Résonnante

In the fall of 2023 we moved our headquarters from Auvergne to the Côtes d’Armor in Brittany, just a few kilometers from the coast.
As of June, we will move to our permanent headquarters in Morlaix, Finistère, a half timbered house, more specifically maison à Pondalez. 
This house is close to five hundred years old and has very specific
architecture which makes it like a small theatre. We have named her “La Résonnante”. Tall and narrow, she has the shape of a space ship. 
La Résonnante is our Archaic Kosmic Space Vessel.
From our Archaic Vessel, imbued with a living spirit, we will be emitting trans-medial creations to the world.
Gyre Project moves in La Résonnante


As soon as we have taken possession of the Vessel, Antony will be setting up his instruments all around the Pondalez house, in order to pick up the production of the music for the Saga of Blue Wolf.


In order to get a sense of our new territory, as a first step, we will prepare a series of Kosmic Soul live concerts. We will select a small number of sacred spaces: chapel, abbey, standing stone, chosen for their properties as cosmic resonators.


The Kosmic Soul concerts are musical experiments intended to

prepare the biotope for the growth of the Blue Wolf Saga.

Support us:


Here are some of the ways we offer for those who wish

to support the project:

    -    buy a piece of Art from Nadine

    -    buy a calligraphed poem from Antony

    -    become a mécène  or a private sponsor

    -    sponsor the room in the house which we aim to transform             into an audio visual editing suite and live web studio

    -    become the patron of one of the personnages of the Saga

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