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Poetic collective actions

At the centre of your being, you hold the answer;

you know who you are and what you want.

Lao Tse

We are still capable of acting out of generosity.


Our power as humans comes from our ability to coordinate our intentions, our efforts and thus take action collectively. Extreme individualistic behaviour has become prominent in recent times, hindering our capacity to develop a much needed «Collective Awareness».

« Poetic Collective Actions » are designed to create a specific experience: a certain state of awareness reached when we coordinate our intentions and actions as a group. 

We invite you to join us, to give of your voice, your body, your presence: participate in a poetic collective action, in hommage to the water.


At the Valserine river, 2017

The Rhône glacier melts into the source of the river

The Rhône at Léaz

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