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The planet is dying, or should I say: our human world is dying. You don’t believe me:

have you looked out of your window recently? Well obviously the Time has come -

the time is Now!


… and since we are doing diddle about it, Freyja, the Norse goddess of initiation, Völva, Seidr, Wand Witch, the Lady who’s job it is to inspire courage, you know the kind which expands the warrior’s heart on Netflix, so Freyja gets the feeling that Humanity and the Gods themselves are in grave danger; we are bordering on extinction…


You know, us Humans and the Gods too are in dire need of a hero, a man who’s destiny leads him to act in ways only he can assume, to put himself at risk in order to ensure everyone else’s salvation. Wow!


The Lady knows all about this, and she decides to act upon it.


But the world is populated only with the shadows of men: puny, selfish, short sighted, greedy men… So, the Goddess has been searching far and wide, but to no avail. No one is ready to step forth and assume the appropriate behaviour, embodying the selfless and bold traits of this archetype. Given the dark circumstances which she must deal with, the Goddess decides to ignore the laws which usually dictate her involvement: she is supposed to support heroic behaviour, but not expected to initiate it. 


Here begins the Saga of Blue Wolf


It is the Story of an ordinary man who has lost his soul in the spiritual void of the twenty first century. A series of encounters with mythological figures from the Norse Pantheon: Freyia herself who is pushing him off the diving board, Loki breeder of mischief who is tripping him up, a mysterious and seductive envoy of the Russian Oligarchs (Loki again in his  seductive form), a Shaman, and finally a Nymph of the lac Lehman, will induce him to overcome Indifference and open the path of the heart, step by step.


While the envoys of the spirit world : Nymphs, Nornes, Goddesses, interfere with his ordinary reality, Blue Wolf will undergo a series of transformations: Berseker, Cyborg, Seidr. As he patiently, meaning painfully, follows the path leading to his full initiation, he slowly sheds his old skin and discovers his gifts, all connected with the oral traditions of poetry: the Power of the Word.


Here we introduce the characters and musical themes as we create them.

The world tree Yggdrasil

The goddess Freyja

The Hero

Blue Wolf


THE Cyborg

THE Shaman

The Nymph

The story unfolds

I am Yggdrasil

the World Tree

Axis Mundi

I was here

millions of years

before your race

came to be

There was a time

when we lived in harmony

the deep forest was your shelter

you spoke the language

of the feathered folk

nut and berry

fed your substance

… above all

was the grace

which lifted you

to dance

in a round

with the spirits

of the wood

There was a time

when you had a soul

there came an age

of Poetry and Song

the air was vibrant

from the power of incantation

wand witches

roamed the land

casting spells

magic and healing

learned from speaking

with the eldest trees

There was a time

when courage filled

the heart of the hero…


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