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How much do we really remember about the process of initiation in our contemporary culture… Does anyone still know how to create a connection with the elemental forces…


This information used to be communicated, thru myths, sagas, stories of magic & noble deeds. We need new myths, new sagas, new stories to guide us on our path.


The Saga of Blue Wolf - Synopsis


The Blue Wolf Saga tells the story of an initiation: that of an ordinary man who lost his soul in the spritual void of the 21st cenury. Several encounters with mythological figures of the Norse pantheon (Freyja the Goddess of Initiation, Loki the Joker - or the troublemaker, Yggdrasil the Cosmic Tree...), will force him to overcome his apathy and his indifference.

Under the influence of Goddess Freyja, the Blue Wolf will go through a series of challenges that will lead to deep transformations: he will successively become a Úlfheðinn (a Berserker, or Wolf Warrior), then a telepathic Cyborg, and then finally a Seiðmann (Shaman, or wizard)... During his initiation quest, he will gradually discover his own gifts, which are connected to oral poetic traditions: the Power of the Word... The Blue Wolf will thus be turned into an enchanter.

The world tree Yggdrasil



Throughout the whole Saga, two intertwined themes will emerge. During the Golden Age, animals, plants, minerals and human beings used to share a common language. Human beings were then able to communicate with everything that surrounded them. At every step of his quest and of his spirtual evolution, the Blue Wolf is going to gradually rediscover that language.
The Logos, the Sacred Word, brings harmony to a Universe which tends naturally towards entropy. The Blue Wolf regains the creative power of Poetry, of the Word, which echoes into space and transforms the chaos into harmony.

Incantations, mantras, magic words, invocations: the Blue Wolf Saga is a quest which seeks to reconnect with the primordial Tradition, to explore the power of the Word...

The goddess Freyja

The Hero

Blue Wolf



THE Cyborg


THE Shaman


The Nymph


The story unfolds


I am Yggdrasil

the World Tree

Axis Mundi

I was here

millions of years

before your race

came to be

There was a time

when we lived in harmony

the deep forest was your shelter

you spoke the language

of the feathered folk

nut and berry

fed your substance

… above all

was the grace

which lifted you

to dance

in a round

with the spirits

of the wood

There was a time

when you had a soul

there came an age

of Poetry and Song

the air was vibrant

from the power of incantation

wand witches

roamed the land

casting spells

magic and healing

learned from speaking

with the eldest trees

There was a time

when courage filled

the heart of the hero…


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