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Manga Opera

Overlooking the Rhone and located between two mountains at the border between France and Switzerland is Fort L´Ecluse. It is the location for three performances of our Manga Opera the summer of 2017.

We use the unique architecture of the Fort nested at the cliffs of the mountain to place our stage, dragon kite, sculptures and paintings. We thus create a dialogue between the structure and our story. Before the performance starts Antony gives an introduction, presenting the background of our Manga Opera. Nadine´s previous paintings are shown in a space with hight ceilings and rough stone walls.

After the round tour through the different spaces of the Fort; as the sun begins to set, the performance starts. Antony tells-sings the story of a lost love and the discovery of what is born out of this loss...
Nadine is either playing the Gong connected to the planet Neptune or painting with ink on rice paper. In her paiting she uses water colour to show the universal relation of water and life.

Water, the element of life on earth

Photo and video: René Georges Bissinger and the artists

Gyre at Fort L´ Ecluse is supported by the Communauté

de Communes Pays de Gex

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