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Support the Gyre Project

We are scouts. Our job consists in opening of new paths. It also involves rediscovering and clearing ancient paths. In order to so, we cannot conform to the old ways which hold sway in the world of the visual arts and in the music industry.

We wish to reinstate very old forms of exchange. We produce visual and musical works of art in order to open channels of communication between the human world and all forms of life: animal, vegetal mineral, elemental, cosmic. We do not put these art works on the market; this would create a contradiction with our function…Therefore, we must invent other forms of exchange, returning to some very old ways, based on gifting and generosity.

We are offering you a gallery of visual works, ink paintings, masks, created by Nadine, but also poems in hand written calligraphy, as well as oil on paper works by Antony. All these art works were created during the development of the Saga of Blue Wolf, or the themes which structure our Manga Opera.


from Nadine´s Aqua Series, 2022, watercolor on china paper, 70 x 70 cm

You are free to chose a work of art of your liking and to make a donation. Your only obligation is to pay the price of shipping. By making a donation you are participating in the development of our project.


We are also offering a more personal way of getting involved and supporting our collective project. You can commission an art work, for example a poem in hand written calligraphy created by Antony. based on a theme of your choice. Contact the mad poet to discuss your project.


Nadine´s personages for the saga, 2022, acrylic on cardboard

The Saga of Blue Wolf holds a certain number of personages which Nadine has brought to life in the form of large card board cut outs. become the patron behind one of the personages.


Nadine´s paintings carry the hand carved Gyre logo stamp


from Antony´s Blue Wolf series, oil pen on paper

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