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Group Action at the Source d´Allondon

Our group met at the beginning of the path going up to the source of the Allondon river at the foot of the Jura. It's early evening. We agreed that during the whole action we would only communicate non verbally. We walked up in silence, bringing our thoughts to a peaceful state. We focused our awareness on our feet, steps, the earth, the roots, our body, our breath. Most of all, we heightened our awareness by listening to the sounds of the forest as the day declined.

As we arrived at the source, which after months of summer heat was now reduced to a very small pool, we allowed ourselves to settle in.

With our eyes and bodies, we explored the space which has been shaped by the water. After spending some time dedicated to listening to the various ambient sounds, each of us picked up a small percussion instrument: shaker, rattler… and began to explore the resonance of the space. We spread out, relating to each other, communicating with our instruments. This exchange brought us to a heightened awareness.

We all gathered at a point along the stream slightly below the source itself, where we could hear the murmur of the water moving over the rocks. We tuned in ever so softly with our voices into the sound scape. We experienced our breaths while singing. Over time we grew stronger, more self assured, feeling the support of the group and gave expression with more freedom. Our listening - awareness reached a peak level; we felt whole and free.

Intuitively we came to an end and walked back along the path - in silence.

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