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Sensitive Chaos

The books of Theodor Schwenk, "Sensitive Chaos" and "Water, the Element of Life", have deeply influenced Gyre Project. Schwenk (1919-1986) was a German flow and water researcher. In 1960 he founded the Institute for Fluid Science at Herrischried in the Black Forest. His principal work, The Sensitive Chaos, appeared in 1962. This work is inspired in particular by the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner. (text quoted of

In his books he shows the deep influence of the liquid on all living forms, which makes it easier to understand not only our human connection with water, but also the connection of water to the cosmos.

In "Sensitive Chaos" he writes: Water has three qualities:

- It ensures the exchange of substance as well in the great terrestrial organisms as in every living being ...

- She has a close relationship with the rhythm, in time as in space ...

- It is a subtle mediating, intermediate sensory organ of the earth vis-à-vis the cosmos ...

We highly recommend Schwenk´s books, that are translated in several languages.

Photo Credit: Antony Hequet

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