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Become the Patron of a Personnage

Tha Saga has several personnages. By becoming the patron of one of the personages of the Saga, you directly support the development of that figure and are publicly connected to it… You will have the privilege of being directly connected to the story and be informed of each step of the process.

Become the Patron of a Personnage

  • Each personnage transforms, developing new variations of its original form

    At this point in time, Nadine has created three instances of the hero: the hero himself in his original form, the Cyborg and Blue Wolf.

    She has also created three variations of tho Goddess Freya : her ordinary quasi human form, her seductive form with hawk coat, her dualistic form which includes her dark side.

    As we tell the story other personnages will appear including Loki, the Trickster, the hermaphrodite Shamans of Lake Balkaï, and more…

  • We do not fix a specific participation. Connect with us and we will discuss this aspect as well as other ways in which you can be part of the story…

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