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Our quest

The time has come to rediscover the Power of Myths, the Power of Songs,

the Power of Music, the Power of Art.


The evolution of Humanity has flown on the wings of words: myths, oral poetry, incantations, words carried by the breath, prana…


For the past seventy thousand years, the stories have served a few primordial purposes.


The most obvious is the transmission of knowledge indispensable to our collective survival,

in particular: knowledge of plants, animals, cycles, laws, customs, methods of initiation.


Knowledge was encrypted into the memory of poets, bards, griots, in the form of sung poems, with the additional support of paintings, engravings, totems, standing stones.


Myths are also known to create cohesion amongst members of a culture. Without myths, the size of group cannot extend beyond a small tribe comprised of a hundred members. A catalog of shared myths allowed the development of cultures comprising a very large number of members, cities, states, empires…


Poïesis is the appanage of homo sapiens. Poetry is our unique source of Power.

The shared myths stir the Spirit and feed the flow of the creative mind. Science and technology, law, spirituality, first came to life in the mind of a poet.

Manifesting our connection with the elemental forces of Nature 


Imagination was born in the Wild.

growling of the bear

bellow of the deer

howling of the wolf

whisper of the wind

murmur of the water


In the Wild I belong

Sing with the birds

Dance with the trees

Earth Blues

poetic expressions

Manga Opera - The Saga of Blue Wolf

We are currently creating a Manga Opera, the Saga of an ordinary man who travels the path leading from confusion and loss of self, to successive levels of initiation. He is lead on this path by Freyja, the Norse goddess of initiation…


Shadow Theatre - The Boy and the Bear


The story tells the encounter of a boy and a bear, as the boy sets out to become a man. While Antony tells the story, Nadine animates shadows in our pop-up theatre. The images she created to illustrate the story are minimalistic. The shadow theatre speaks to us on an unconscious level. Nadine wears a tree costume and appears as a shadow as she animates the scenes.

Kosmic Soul Music

Music is the link between the intangible and the tangible, between the vastness of the cosmos and the earth beneath our feet, between solitude and the longing of the heart.

Water the Element of Life


We chose the water gyre as the symbol for our artistic project.


Water is the element which feeds, connects and harmonises every form of life on earth. It is the sensitive medium which allows both cosmic and local energies to become manifest: ocean gyres resulting from the rotation of the earth, tides from the pull of the moon...

The Gyre is the most basic form which water

adopts in many circumstances. The gyre

symbolises the constant cycle of repetition

and transformation of the forces which

animate the Cosmos…

Water is the medium of dreams, the unconscious, the imaginary.  May our imagination flow through the oceans, the rivers, the glaciers, the clouds, the mist, the dew, the waterfalls and the fountains.


Antony Hequet

Antony Hequet is a poet and composer, both French and American. Poet of the oral tradi-

tion, Antony studied  Siberian Qi Gong and Chinese internal martial arts in order to

develop his voice, his presence and his balance. After studying Jazz at Cornish Institute in Seattle with bass player Gary Peacock, Antony completed his studies at New York University: physics of sound, studio techniques, acoustics, analog synthesis, digital work stations, piano, ear training.


He is the producer, the author and the composer of a number of trans medial operas which were given in unusual locations such as the Uffizi Museum and Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence, the « Château de Châteaudun » France, along the Loire River near Blois, Plateau du Retord - Ain, France, Funkhaus Berlin Germany…

Foto: Walter Wetzler

Nadine Rennert

Nadine Rennert is a visual artist based in Berlin. She got her master degree at Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. Her works contains sculpture and installation as well as drawing and photography. Her intension is to relate internal mental experiences to external expressions in her art. Through her art she shares her explorations with the audience and encourages them to follow their own investigations.


Nadine has received several grants and residencies. She showed her work in solo and group shows in Germany and abroad. She published catalogues about her sculptures.


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