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Planet Blues

Recently I heard of what is nowadays called: „Grief and sorrow over the disappearance, degradation and loss of nature“. I discovered that I am not alone mourning the distructive impact humans have on the Earth.

When I watch the video „Kehren“ I made in 2015, which took place under a highway bridge in Busan, Korea, I feel that the source of the video is grief. Grief over areas that were transformed from living and natural areas into industrial areas. Grief over the noise coming from highways that cut across a city. I had already experienced my own mourning, but I was not aware that others shared in it.

In our discussions for the development of "Gyre Project", Antony and I called this grief: „The Planet Blues“. Ever since it hit us, we have endeavoured to accept and experience this grief; we feel this a necessary step before we transform it into hope and action.

I recommend the book: Mourning Nature, Hope at the Heart of Ecological Loss & Grief edited by Ashlee Cunsolo and Karen Landman, McGill-Queens University Press

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