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Exploring the Water

We would like to inform you about our research. In April, we explored three different locations where the water flows. The first day

we went to Bellegarde sur Valserine to a spot on the river called Les Pertes de la Valserine. Here the river forms a torrent in a narrow gorge and than disappears into the ground mysteriously. The energy of the river was very strong and we came back in high spirits.

The second day we set off on an exploration beyond Hauteville-Lompnes looking for a waterfall which turned out to be inaccessible. Further downstream we discovered a lovely quiet spot with many small streams home to trout and salmon. We captured many impressions of the water in the form of photos, videos and sound. Antony played his drum on a small bridge. The recording became the foundation for a new piece of music. This video is now posted on Patreon:

The third day was dedicated to a visit to a mysterious water cave. We climbed down a steep path to a quiet spot with a stone seat next to a cave. Small streams of water were gushing down the mountainside. We found every form of water one could imagine: dripping, cascading, pouring. This resulted in wet feet stepping through rivelets and small pools. At the heart was the cave with the source. Nadine explored the environment around the cave. She took photos of all the many different shades of green nourished by the abundance of water. Antony sat on the stone bench with his „MPC Live“ portable studio on his lab. He recorded a poem „The Song of Amergin“ using the natural ambience including the birds and the water.

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