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Gyre Labs at Centre des Arts du Grütli, Geneva

This spring we initiated our Gyre Labs, which take place in the beautiful dance space at the Centre des Arts du Grütli in Geneva. Our first series of 7 labs started in March.

Our idea is to bring people together and explore forms of non verbal communication over a period of time. We chose different themes to explore: 1- Listening, 2 – The Word as Magic, 3 – Rhythm and Universe, 4 – Danser masqué, 5 – Sound and Color, 6 – Balance-Un-balance, 7 – Group and Space.

After an introduction of the theme, we created structured elements as well as unstructered, chaotic parts. We explored how to create in a group on the spot. Everybody was able to initate ideas which were than processed and developed by the group.. We experimented with organising and disorganising, with moments of silence and even boredom, which revealed themselves to be pools from which we initiated further ideas.

In the Gyre Labs we collected a rich variety of material which we will process and work with in future labs. This material will inspire ideas and techniques to be used for the development of our Manga Opera.

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