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The Saga of Blue Wolf at Espace Paul Jargot

The Saga of Blue Wolf is entering a production phase.


We have been invited to spend a week in residence at Espace Paul Jargot in Crolles, near Grenoble France. The space has all the qualities we need to start working on the “mise en espace” of the Saga: wide stage, good natural acoustics, lights…


We will spend a week there in September. At the end of this week we will present the result of our work to a select audience including professionals who could become our partners for the next phase.


We have been walking in small steps for several years; Crolles is a big step that we need to make.  The theatre gives us the space and technicians for free but covers little else. We cannot make this step without your support.

We briefly considered enticing you into supporting us by offering you a token object marking your participation. We then decided that it would be much more fruitful to involve you in the process.


So no T shirts - mugs - scarfs or credit lists.


Instead, we invite you to participate in a gesture of courage, fortitude and resilience…

Here is the link to donate with paypal:

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